Our Team

Johny Yasmin Kanta


She is a hardworking and result-driven Senior General Manager with more than 20 years of managerial experience in overseeing the establishment and laboratory operations. She had worked as Senior Manager, General Manager, and Senior General Manager. As the Chief Executive Officer of Somapura Garment Tech, Mrs. Johny Yasmin Kanta will leverage her managerial experience to satisfy short and long-term objectives through leadership and problem-solving skills which will help the company become successful in the Canadian market.

Balaram Roy Chowdhury


He is a motivated and highly professional Businessman with 18 years of extensive experience. He had worked as Management Trainee, Merchandiser, Merchandiser Manager, Deputy General Manager, General Manager, Executive Director, and Director. As Chief Marketing Officer of Somapura Garment Tech, Mr. Balram Roy Chowdhury’s in-depth knowledge in areas of strategic marketing, and people relations will be vital for its ability to thrive in Canada.

M Raihan Hassan


He is an ambitious and determined Proprietor with over 15 years of leadership experience. He had worked as Human Resources Director, Managing Partner, and Proprietor. As Chief Operating Officer of Somapura Garment Tech, Mr. Raihan Hassan will leverage his past entrepreneurial experience in leadership roles to oversee the day-to-day operational functions of the company and ensure its success within Canadian markets. 

Erfanul Haque


He is a goal-oriented and intelligent Businessman with 8 years of leadership experience in Business development. He is also adept in strategic planning, corporate financial management, and people management. He had worked as Director and Chairman. As Chief Business Development Officer, Mr. Erfanul Haque’s vast experience in business development and strategic planning will benefit Somapura Garment Tech in its successful transition to the Canadian market.

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