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Flexible Textile-Based Strain Sensors

The Company’s textile strain sensor will also help in recording the respiratory parameters by sensing subtle movements of the chest. The sensors can be easily optimized to manufacture smart shirts that will be used for continuous monitoring of respiration in patients with Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) and alert them during any abnormality in respiration patterns so that they can connect to the nearby hospital for the needful checkup.

Smart Shirts

The Company has devised an effective solution to the microbial problem in the fabric. It has resolved the challenges of the antimicrobial and non-toxic nano-textiles by using copper nanoparticles and providing a slow release of antimicrobial agents, i.e., silver phosphate nanoparticles, which will result in long-lasting antimicrobial activity and prevent the deposit of biofilms on the garments. The Company will also use a triple antimicrobial mechanism which ensures high resistance of ZnO against high exposure to chlorine and seawater, making it suitable for every kind of textile.

Smart Sensors

The Company will maximize the wearing comfort by optimizing the sensor’s performance and solve the problem of easy separation of the conductive layers using a bio-adhesive. The Company’s proposed process is also fully compatible with large-scale production to achieve a “truly” smart garment via seamless integration of the sensor into any clothing.

Baby Monitoring

The Company will offer IoT and nanotechnology-based baby monitoring clothing and flexible textile-based strain sensors with ultra-high stretchability, sensitivity, and durability for real-time infant monitoring to alert the occurrence of SIDS or any sleeping issues. The sensors can be easily attached to any clothing, allowing parents to monitor their child’s breathing, heart rate, movement, and sleeping. The mobile application, which acts as a dashboard, will display the current status, generate reports on the physical condition of the infant, and in case of emergencies, it will send alert notifications to the parents.


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